Design/Build Process

Our Signature Process for Designing and Building Your Home

Our signature design/build process is a collection of our standards that help you, the client, obtain a detailed, step by step understanding of our practices we use to remodel, renovate, or construct a home. By providing this signature process, we personalize the design/build experience, empowering you to be completely informed regarding the system of operations that TN Miller implements on every project. By building relationships with our clients through our signature process, we are able to provide an experience unmatched by typical builders.


The TN Miller Remodeling signature process begins with a consultation to listen to your project needs. We will learn what you have set as a project budget. And finally we will determine your timeframe to start your project.  The goal is to first enter into a Design Agreement and then a Construction Agreement.

Team Approach

We maintain a standard within our entire team approach to the Design Build Process. From the concept, to the selection of materials and level of attention that allows us to take total pride in what we do.


Once you have decided TN Miller Remodeling will be a good fit for you and your project, we will begin your project by signing a design agreement. Using the established budget as a guide we will create ¼ inch scale drawings and determine the best products for your project.

Time and Budget

Using our state of the art project management software we will minimize the disruption to you and your family by coordinating our unique team of managers, carpenters, and subcontractors, in combination with our suppliers to deliver your project to your design, on budget and on schedule.

Customer Included

We take pride in having our customers partake every step of the way through the completion.  Meet some customers and listen to how happy they were.  We want you to be our next successful project and relationship.